Solo Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

Jehangir Art Gallery, Kalaghoda, Mumbai, 2015

I am not longer an artist, I have become a work of art!

Realizing the impossibility of separating the painting evolution from the inner movement of the soul, the artist annihilates the distance between herself and her creation.
The theme of this exhibition is a metamorphosis, where SHOLA transcends being an artist and becomes herself a work of art, in an utter absolute oneness with the object of craft. The constant search of technical evolution, swinging from the discipline of the gesture to the fluidity of the pictorial act, seals the unity of the process.
So the artist unveils things that are veiled and the destruction of outer layers occurs.

“What happens when we no longer seek 'what happens'?”
- Shola

Art & Soul Gallery, Mumbai, India, 2013
Gold Digger

...In this inner landscape the dominant color is gold, which in my work represents the divine, the sacred, an ever present mystery – the unexpected that breaks out and pulls us towards unknown, unpredictable paths… And this mystery unites us all, regardless of faith and dogma… It is the unknowable mystery of life that makes us one, beyond our differences…
Shola Carletti

Art2Day, Hyatt, Pune, 2013
Good Omens

Birds As A Spiritual Symbol of The Divine

...I see Birds as a Spiritual Symbol of the Divine. For their connection to the sky, they have been thought of as a supernatural link between the heavens and the earth...
They are good omens, the sign that we are in the right direction...
Shola Carletti

Art Positive Gallery, Delhi, India, 2012
“The main component of my work is gold, a powerful and dense color, both physical and spiritual. It transpires lively, bright, transparent and fragile shades. On the one hand it is dense, and doesn’t allow light to go through; on the other it is fluid, transparent and ever changing like the light’s reflections on glass. Like all of us…
I am often asked about the technique I use in my paintings. I like to experiment, and most of my media are the result of trials and mistakes. I love to be surprised by the result of the mixtures, the different varnishes or materials and am fascinated by the contrasts that eventually create harmony. Like in life, a mistake can become the ultimate gift.”
Tilting Gallery, Pune, India, 2011
In Wonder
It is difficult to categorize these paintings as simple pictures as they appear much more like real installations, hiding a special component in their most intimate essence. The expositive space expresses in fact the power of interaction contained by the artwork, while the environment in which the artwork takes place refers to the ideal space populated by the artistic emotions.
Roberta Ridolfi
Italian curator
Art & Soul Gallery, Mumbai, India, 2011

“We can describe gravity as the basic law that governs the reign of matter: from the tiniest dewdrop to the highest star, including humans and other living beings, nothing and no one can avoid it, we are all continuously “falling”. This observation has been part of my work and has driven the way I pour colors onto the canvas, especially gold that represents the divine... at the beginning I was playing with it, giving it a direction, a meaning and a draw: I could really shape the divine the way I wanted. A major loss in my life brought me face to face with the unavoidable, that which goes beyond our will and our likes... That changed my whole approach, I felt I had to let color fall... no interference on my side, just a watchful presence, an acceptance, allowing the divine to drop onto the surface the way it did: that was just the right place... In that reality I was no longer painting, I was simply a tool in the hands of existence, watching the divine fall into space the way it wanted... In that surrender a new freedom arises. It is something of the inner that transcends the unavoidable, the necessity of the laws of nature, gravity... In that freedom celebration is possible, celebrating each gilded moment, pointing at the gravity of the present moment, recognizing the moment, feeling the inherent reality of each moment captured in gold, the most precious of colors. In a way letting to gravity the role of dripping gold enhances colors, underlines colors, counter-points colors, pulls them together, allows them to glow more vividly , making each color richer and more precious. That’s the secret of gold.”
Shola Carletti

Art Gallery, Pune, India, 2010
The 5 Elements
“Shola Carletti’s works glow under the lights, vivid streaks of gold against splashes of glossy, translucent color that look for all the world as if they were composed of liquid glass. 
It’s an instantly appealing look, and one that’s quite intriguing. Exploration is amply evident in these abstracts. 
The gloss of the colors is balanced by the rawness of the texture, the lines and ridges, blotches and broad strokes lending what might have otherwise been inert jewel-like works, a remarkable energy.
And so, the moods of the works range from glowingly festive to softly meditative; from majestic, dripping dull-gold and teal to brooding, scratched through with burnt red and black.
Yogi Chaubal 
Curator Ark Gallery
Prakrit Art Gallery Chennai, India, 2010
Art & Soul Gallery, Mumbai, India, 2009
Embracing Diversity
Olive Beach, Bangalore, India, 2007
Silence in between colors
Sanskrity, Pune, India, 2007
The Zen Stick!
Novalis, Pesaro, Italy, 2003